Woodtarget with CO2 neutral footprint


The fight against climate change begins with each one of us, individual, organization or company. It is our duty to have all of this awareness. It is our daily actions that impact our planet, we cannot expect someone to impose behaviors for the good of humanity.

For Woodtarget, Earth’s climatic conditions matter. This is our only global home. They say we have entered an already new era, the Anthropocene. It can be said that at a time when humanity was gradually moving from a hunter-gatherer economy to sedentarization provided by the domain of agricultural technology and the breeding of domesticated animals for its use, the impact of human activity on our planet has been exponentially growing. Before us, no other species had the ability to create other species, extinguish others and manipulate the evolution of species. Perhaps the first case was the dog, a species created by man from the gray wolf, some 36 thousand years ago. The growth and concentration of populations in large cities, the increase in consumption of fossil fuels and intensive farming. impacting climate change is not only causing a mass extinction of the species on our planet but also putting the existence of human beings in serious danger. With this very clear awareness and committed to reducing the activity of our company, we actively adopted measures to reduce electricity and road consumption in 2018, in order to reduce our CO2e Carbon Footprint.

This year, as a result of this reduction and referencing June 2019 to May 2020, we can achieve lower levels of equivalent Carbon emissions than in the previous annual period. However, as we still had one, our balance was negative, we opted to offset in June / 2020 the tons of CO2e produced by our activity with a support for a reforestation project, so that we can obtain a neutral balance and a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Upon completing this process that enabled Woodtarget’s CO2 emissions neutrality, we planted four trees in the Great Rift Valley, considered the “cradle” of humanity, where “Lucy” was found, the skeleton of the oldest known hominid . We are thus making a modest contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, reducing poverty in the region and preserving the habitat of the fauna and flora of this region of Africa. In addition, four tons of CO2e will be preserved in the Brazilian Amazon via the Carbon Footprint VCS program, avoiding deforestation. This way Woodtarget, albeit humbly, but in its size, is contributing to the carbon sink and its retention in the wood of trees, planting and protecting forests and diversity on two continents, South America and Africa.


These programs are certified https://qasaudit.com/

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