Woodtarget with a neutral CO2 footprint for the third consecutive year


Respecting the planet and supporting a more sustainable future is something we take very seriously at Woodtarget and we know it’s also on the minds of many of our employees and customers.

For the third year in a row, we are proud to report that during the period range from June 2020 to May 2021, we are able to achieve lower carbon equivalent emission levels than in the previous annual period. We recognize that progress requires not just a bold objective but also a plan of action. As previously stated, this is the third consecutive year that Woodtarget has done its duty to protect the environment to the best of it’s abilities. Due to the daily activities of a company (transport, energy, paper, etc) we are aware of the impact caused by our entity on our planet. In 2021, similar to the previous years, Woodtarget chose to offset in June/2021 the tons of CO2 produced as a result of our professional activity, offering our support to a reforestation project, so that it is possible to obtain a neutral balance and a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Upon completing this process that enabled Woodtarget’s CO2 emissions neutrality, we planted five trees in the Great Rift Valley, considered the “cradle” of humanity, where “Lucy” was found, the skeleton of the oldest known hominid . We are thus making a modest contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, reducing poverty in the region and preserving the habitat of the fauna and flora of this region of Africa. In addition, four tons of CO2e will be preserved in the Brazilian Amazon via the Carbon Footprint VCS program, avoiding deforestation. This way Woodtarget, albeit humbly, but in its size, is contributing to the carbon sink and its retention in the wood of trees, planting and protecting forests and diversity on two continents, South America and Africa.


These programs are certified https://qasaudit.com/

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