Transition to the four days workweek

Woodtarget considers itself a forward-thinking company, and with our employees in mind we have embraced a new four day work week. At Woodtarget, we believe that encouraging a healthy work-life balance is crucial for our team’s productivity and well-being. By switching to a four day work week we wish to provide our staff with more freedom, time with the family and to pursue their personal interests which will result in an overall improvement of happiness across the company.

Woodtarget would like to state that this change will not affect our dedication to providing our professional services and will not impact normal functioning business hours. With great planning and a solid structure of operations, we have ensured a seamless transition to our team having had neither salary cuts nor changing the business’ hours.This change will neither affect our commitment and service to our clients, suppliers and partners.

Such a change will bring numerous benefits including: increased productivity, creativity, reduced errors and improved customer service. We’re honored to take part in this revolutionary movement and work together with companies that place high value on work-life balance and employee well-being. Together, we are embracing a new future in which accomplishment on a personal level and productivity go hand in hand.

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