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It may seem trivial to claim that Sales and Marketing are different functions. The challenge is to reconcile the difference with the need to be not only closely connected but in perfect harmony.

It is natural for the Manager of a company to be focused on billing and margins, frequently accompanying and requesting the state point to the Sales Department, in view of the objectives. However, if you delegate to the Sales function the leadership of the process that aims to obtain the expected result, with sustainability, and let your sales team be rewarded mainly for the “numbers” it reaches, there will not be much room for innovation, for the introduction success of new products or approach to new markets. Experience shows us that marketing needs sales to materialize the Marketing Mix. However, and it’s not just the theory of Marketing gurus like Philip Kotler, Sales is a function of Marketing! Unfortunately it is common, often unintentionally, to leave the sales force, and more seriously, the Sales Department, to think that they do not need Marketing. Who in this area has never heard outburst from salespeople, sometimes with some reason: “they just give us work and we need to earn money to reach the goals (commission)”, “I come here for this event and I have so much to do (sell) “Or” those guys (from Marketing) have implemented CRM (Customer Relationship Management), they are controllers “.

If you are an entrepreneur, manager or sales director, you know that Sales should be concerned with the immediate, Marketing with business strategies, market generation and, more than listening to and satisfying customers with the products and services that are available to them. , be aware of how your brand is perceived and what personal values ​​your brand transmits to society, trying to react to the image that the consumer wants to build on himself: ultimately, for success, it is the consumer who builds his brand. If you are a company manager, don’t ask your sales team to tell you where they should be, or what they should be doing in the medium to long term: it will probably distract your team, and frustrate them. Remember, only a fool will tell you something that should be done and that goes against your personal or immediate career interests … Before informing, training and motivating him, with creativity in the goals to be achieved. And, if your Sales Director is very good at making business and strategic plans, or doing marketing management, maybe he shouldn’t be in the right role or he’ll be unused.

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